Cusco Successfully Displays At Tokyo Auto Salon 2016


Cusco had a good response from the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 show earlier this month.

The show had a wide variety of dedicated exhibitors to:
– showcase and demonstrate their latest technological solutions and products for cars to be tuned-up and dressed-up
– showcase and sell cars with dress-up parts and accessories
– showcase and sell cars highlighting innovative tuning technologies
– showcase and sell auto-related video games, aftermarket parts, motorsport merchandise and other diverse auto-related products
– showcase and sell complete tuned-up cars and commercial vehicles


The Tokyo Auto Salon show had a massive 325,501 people visiting over the course of 3 days this year, compared to the 309,679 visitors in 2015. There were many visitors from various Asian countries as well as local Japanese visitors. This was a great show and a great sign that shows a boost in popularity for the Japanese and Asian Performance Car market.


Cusco’s display items included the AT Throttles Shaftless big bore throttle conversion for the Nissan GT-R R35.

Click here to view our range of Cusco products on our online retail website Part-Box. Alternatively you can contact us for additional information and details on Cusco products.


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