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Part no. 9-401-1001


DeatschWerks DW400 – DW’s Highest Flowing In-Tank Fuel Pump


DeatschWerks (DW) has grown their fuel pump line to include 12 unique models that provide a wide variety of flow and fitment options.  However, the ever increasing power outputs of today’s aftermarket engines has created the need for a new in-tank pump with flow capabilities beyond anything currently available.  Today, DW is answering that call with the release of the DW400 in-tank pump.

The development of a 400+ LPH pump in a footprint small enough for in-tank use is a significant engineering feat.  To ensure success, DW turned to Bosch Automotive Aftermarket to find a solution.  DW and Bosch have a long standing relationship which has resulted in several fuel injector products.  The DW400 represents the team’s first collaborative fuel pump product.  The pump is manufactured by Bosch in Germany.  Final QA, packaging, and sales are performed by DW in Oklahoma City, OK.

The DW400 surpasses the 400LPH benchmark by delivering an industry leading in-tank flow of 415LPH at 40psi.  Even more importantly, the DW400 delivers 31% more flow than its nearest competitor at pressures between 70 and 100 psi.

The DW400 has a 46mm diameter and is compatible with pump gas, e85, and race fuels.  The pump is also compatible with pulse width modulated pump drivers.  The pump ships with a universal fitment kit which includes fuel hose, clamps, electrical harness, and filter.  As with all DW products, the pump is warrantied for 3-yrs to the original purchaser.


  • FLOW
    • Highest flowing brushed in-tank pump on the market
      • 500 LPH at 0psi
      • 415 LPH at 40psi
      • 350LPH at 80psi
    • Can support up to more than 1,000 HP on gas and 750 HP on e85
    • Outflows Walbro 450 “e85” by an average of 31% from 70-100psi
      • 5% at 40psi
      • 18% at 70psi
      • 56% at 100psi
      • Made in Germany through collaboration with Bosch Aftermarket
      • Exceeds specifications of SAEJ1537
      • Compatible with pump gas, e85, and race fuels
      • Carbon commutators and brushes, fully encapsulated machine balanced armature, composite turbine impeller.
    • EASE
      • 3-yr DW comprehensive warranty and technical support
      • 46mm diameter is 16% smaller footprint than Walbro450
      • Compatible with pulse width modulated pump controllers
      • Universal fitment kit included (filter, wiring harness, hose, and clamps)

Additional Consideration

Wiring – A 400+ LPH pump draws substantial current (16-20 amps at typical operating pressures). Make sure your chassis wiring is up to the task of delivering this much current.  A DW hardwire kit (part number FPHWK) is an inexpensive insurance policy.

Size – The DW400 is a 46mm diameter pump. Standard in-tank pumps are 39mm diameter.  Modifications to the fuel pump module will be necessary on some applications.

Universal Fitment – Unlike other DW in-tank pumps, The DW400 is not an application-specific fitment pump.

Check-valve – the DW400 does not have in internal check valve. An in-line check valve may be necessary for easy engine starts in some applications.

£185.16 + VAT

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