Dig Spice Ultra Compact GPS Logger

Dig Spice GPS LoggerAvailable from Co-ordSport, the Dig Spice is a revolutionary tool designed for anyone to analyse and compare their sports driving data.

Ideal for rally’s, hill climb’s, track days, gymkhana courses and more. Data such as the vehicle position and speed is collected via the built-in GPS receiver, which can then be downloaded to a laptop or PC using the supplied USB cable.

Comparisons can then be made against other drivers showing the difference in racing lines, acceleration on the straights and braking points on a detailed animation display.

The main unit is a compact device that can be installed on any vehicle (even motorcycles and karts). As long as it is secure and can receive GPS signals (free), it requires no power cables and no connections to the car, meaning no fiddling with troublesome wiring.

The Dig Spice Software

The software is supplied along with an in-car charger and anchor bracket.

The Dig Spice GPS Data Logger is available with a retail price of £308.59 +VAT (£362.59 inc. VAT @ 17.5%).


  • GPS update interval: Fine mode 100msec (10Hz), Standard mode 200msec (5Hz), Long-time mode 500msec (2Hz)
  • Positioning precision: 3.0m CEP
  • Continuous measurement time: Fine mode approx. 2 hrs, Standard mode approx. 4 hrs, Long-time mode approx. 10 hrs (Built-in memory; Data transfer to PC via USB)
  • Operating time: Approx. 10 hrs (Charge by USB connection to PC)
  • Main unit size: W44×D26×H15 (mm)
  • Main unit weight: 18g

More Information

Please download the flyer using the link below on get in touch with us for more information on this powerful device.

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