Dodson DL800 Clutch Baskets: Now Forged!

As Dodson continue to push the limits of the DL800 platform, Dodson are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to our manufacturing process that continues to elevate the quality and performance of our DL800 clutch line up.

Dodson DL800 Clutch Baskets

At Dodson there commitment to excellence drives us to make bold advancements in manufacturing and product design, that offers the very best in top of the line performance to our dealer base. With continued increase of power levels and escalating demands on DL800 transmission components, they have recently shifted from billet-based small and large inner clutch baskets to forged baskets in there Sportsman’s and Promax clutches. The move to forged baskets provided several key benefits:

Strength and Durability:

With the steel grain structure aligned to the contour of the part, forgings offer superior strength and enhanced durability compared to machined billet components.


With forgings, we have more control over batch-to-batch variation in the alloy composition and can ensure identical material properties and residual stresses, leading to higher consistency in finished dimensions and reliability of the final product. This means every component we deliver meets the same high-quality standards.

Shortened Lead Times:

The streamlined CNC machining process for forgings vs billet reduces machine time and this ensure that Dodson can keep products on their shelves for their dealers.

The change has already been accomplished, with forged clutch baskets already in many builds in the field and stocked on our shelves.

This type of innovation would not of been possible without the commitment and patience of dealers in advancing the DL800 platform for the betterment of the racing community. Dodson would like to thank you for your continued support.

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