Dodson New Product Launch: DL800 Oil Delivery Tubes

Dodson the world leader in aftermarket components for the DL800 transmission, Dodson are committed to provide their customers with the most innovative and reliable products possible.

Dodson are announcing the launch of their latest product that soon be exclusive on the trade portal, the Dodson DL800 Oil Delivery Tubes [DMS-7264]. This kit includes 2 mechatronics tube, 2 rear cover tubes and 3 oil pump tubes.

It is crafted from high-quality 6061 aluminum, these parts are a significant upgrade from the OE plastic tubes which is easily damaged whilst working on the gearbox. The Dodson Oil Delivery Tubes feature upgraded O-Ring material by ensuring exceptional durability and longevity at high temperatures and repeated disassembly while this reduces the risk of leaks and cracks over time. In addition, mechatronics oil tubes feature a threaded end for easy removal.

For more information about DL800 Oil Delivery Tubes [DMS-7264] please contact Dodson

Dodson would like to thank you for trusting them in their builds, and your continued support of their brand.

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