DODSON – Product Update: GR6 B-Basket Bearing (DMS-3213)

We would like to address an important aspect of the Dodson GR6 B Basket (DMS-3213) by ensuring that you receive the best performance and reliability from our product.

The Dodson GR6 B Basket is design to enhance the performance of the GR6 Clutch Assembly is supplied with an additional bearing. This significantly improves the stability of the rotating clutch assembly, particularly under heavy load when the transmission internals are at their maximum deflection.

It’s worth noting that the GR6 clutch assembly comes from the factory, does not include this bearing. Therefore, machining is required to the original equipment (OE) clutch centre to accommodate it.

We indeed it is possible to install the Dodson B Basket without the additional bearing (eliminates the need to machine the OE core) if desired, essentially maintains the configuration as it comes from the factory. The option might be attractive for shops working on low-power builds that doesn’t have a lathe on site and that are trying to minimize install complexity, provides that they are willing to forgo the additional stability offered by the bearing.

In other instances and particularly for vehicles with high power outputs, we advise the use of the additional bearing supplied by Dodson. The additional bearing improves the stability of the rotating clutch assembly, increases the life span of the B Basket and ensures that your customer receive the full benefit of Dodson’s advanced engineering when running our parts.

In conclusion, while it is possible to install the Dodson B Basket without the additional bearing in stock or low-powered vehicles, Dodson strongly recommends utilizing the provided bearing while possible and particularly on high-powered applications.

For more information about the Dodson GR6 B-Basket Bearing click here

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