EBC’s Ultimate Brake Test

How to test some newly designed 2pc. Brake Discs?

EBC have designed and developed a new range of 2pc brake discs giving the best value, high performance braking for road and track, and here is how they proved they work!

EBC’s Ultimate Brake Test | Ep.2 – Fiesta ST Hot Laps with Jake Hill (Yellowstuff Pads & USR Discs)

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0:52 – Introduction
1:47 – Hot laps with OE brakes
12:17 – OE brakes discussion
14:27 – Hot laps with EBC brakes
26:03 – EBC brakes discussion

EBC Brakes and EBC Brakes Racing have joined forces to bring you the ultimate stock vs aftermarket brake test.

It’s common belief that upgrading to aftermarket pads and rotors on a vehicle improves the braking performance… but how much of a difference does it actually make?

In this series, with the help of some state-of-the-art data logging equipment and a professional racing driver, we set out to answer that very question.

– Ford Fiesta ST (Mk7) – Stock brakes vs EBC Yellowstuff pads and EBC USR rotors

(Please note: In order to ensure a level playing field, all brakes were bedded-in as matched sets and using the same bedding-in process before the test day. To reduce pedal flex and prevent the fluid boiling, the Fiesta was also fitted with EBC’s stainless braided brake lines and bled with EBC’s BF307+ Super DOT 4 racing brake fluid. Finally the car was fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres).

After performing stringent AMS brake tests (stay tuned for videos of these coming soon), professional BTCC racing driver, Jake Hill, got behind the wheel of the car with both brake setups, and was let loose on a closed race track – Castle Combe Circuit. Jake then gave his honest feedback on how each brake setup performed when pushed to the absolute limit on track, highlighting the differences between the EBC and stock components.

– Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as EBC brings you detailed footage from each test in the coming weeks as part of what we believe is the most comprehensive and transparent brake test ever shown to the public

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