Evo X Cosworth Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade

cosworth-evo-x-icThe Cosworth front mount intercooler upgrade for the 2008 and newer Mitsubishi Evolution X features cast end tanks and an efficient large core to ensure maximum charge air cooling capability. Installation does not require any vehicle modifications. The upgrade offers 55% increased air flow compared to the OE intercooler.

Exclusive features include motorsport type steel and rubber isolated mounts preventing fatigue failure common with hard mounted intercoolers and cast aluminum end tanks for smooth airflow management not found with fabricated end tanks.

The Cosworth Evolution X intercooler Upgrade kit is manufactured entirely in the USA using high quality, vacuum-brazed, bar and plate intercooler cores to ensure optimal efficient intercooler performance.

  • Large efficient intercooler core ensures low restriction and high efficiency heat transfer
  • Smooth transition cast aluminum end tank optimize air flow without the compromises of fabricated sheet metal end tanks.
  • Easy installation-Under 30 minutes with simple hands tools.
  • Strong steel and rubber isolated mounting system.
  • 4-ply heavy duty silicone coupling hoses with stainless liner clamps.
  • Core size: 20” x 12.3” x 3.5” (50.8cm x 31.24cm x 8.89cm)
  • 55% increased air flow compared to the OE intercooler.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Optional large-diameter hard intercooler pipe kit.

The intercooler upgrade (part number 20013293) is available from Co-ordSport with a retail price of £876+VAT. You can buy the Evo X Intercooler online from our PartBox online shop.



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