Exedy Clutch Installation Review

Exedy Clutch Installation Review

This Exedy Clutch Installation Review  Shortly after buying my 2002 Mitsubishi Shogun Sport I found that under heavy load, acceleration and when towing the clutch would occasionally slip. Over the months of ownership, I found that the slipping was increasing to a point where it would struggle up hills and the bite point was reaching the very top of the clutch pedal. I finally bit the bullet and ordered an Exedy replacement kit. Finding the correct part number is simplicity itself using their comprehensive website.

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Kit

The kit arrived 3 days later, fortunately they had the kit in UK stock. All parts are boxed individually within their distinctive blue box. All the parts of the 3-piece kit look of high quality and the individual boxing would help reduce any damage that could be picked up during shipping.

Being a 4-wheel drive vehicle and the pure weight of the gearbox and transfer box we opted to use a 2 post ramp to gain access to the underside of the vehicle.

Upon removal of the gearbox we found the incredibly worn original clutch. So worn, it was nearly down to the rivets. The flywheel was undamaged, so just needed a clean-up. The new cover was offered up the flywheel, and checked for fitment. The disc was offered up to the input shaft on the gearbox and checked for fitment. Everything was correct and the new plate and cover lined up on the flywheel and fitted.

The old worn out release bearing was removed from the clutch fork and the new one was fitted. A little lube, provided in the kit was applied to the inside of the bearing and along the input shaft.

Fitting was simply the reverse of removal and soon the car was bolted together and back on the ground.

We checked forward and reverse gears and the engagement of the clutch. The clutch pedal is much lighter than previously and the bite point is right at the bottom.


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