Fade To Black


Drawing from the hit song by Daft Punk, ‘Like the legend of the Phoenix, all ends with beginnings’, Whiteline wishes to announce an exciting and globally demanded advancement in our product and branding!

This new beginning will see Whiteline’s premium black synthetic elastomer bushing technology introduced into all products from adjustable sway bars, control arms right through to our famous anti lift kits!

Yes that’s right, much like the New Zealand rugby team, Whiteline bushings across the entire range will be ‘all black’.

This FADE TO BLACK will be revealed in product over the coming 6 months and signify’s the start of some evolutionary advancements of the Whiteline brand. In fact, here’s some interesting facts we compiled regarding our black bushings;



Whiteline’s advanced synthetic elastomer characteristics ensure superior elasticity, memory and outright durability for all forms of driving applications! Clever designs and testing ensure our bushings provide improved deflection, articulation, vibration and noise dampening qualities!! Squeaks and maintenance are long gone thanks to our internal grease retention system. Simply Whiteline bushings deliver precision handling when you need it with uncompromised ride quality!!


Whiteline’s bushing program is one of the most comprehensive globally. You would have noticed over the past 12 month’s when visiting our website the extent of our black bushing program. Simply, it’s big and covers a crazy amount of vehicle’s you would have never imagined were catalogued!


Black is the preferred bushing colour of choice in a survey conducted of tuners and enthusiasts across Australia, Asia, North America, UK and Europe! Why? It seems many of you out there like that inconspicious or ‘stealth’ modification that competitors or inspectors don’t need to know about! Wink Wink!



Did you know that Whiteline’s black bushing program is backed by a first owner lifetime warranty! What’s that tell you about the quality and confidence in our bushings. For full details contact our sales team

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