Ford Raptor with COBB Tuning

COBB Tuning

Ford Raptor

A customer of our’s has imported this monstrous Ford Raptor from the USA 3.5 V6 Twin Turbo Ecoboost what a beast of a vehicle! The customer wanted to make this vehicle quicker and there was only one way to go with this! #COBBEverything

The customer opted for a COBB Tuning. We can get you the parts you need to achieve something similar, click HERE to check COBB parts.

Induction Kit and COBB Accessport

with peak gains on Stage1:
  • 93 Oct. or 98 RON
  • Peak Gains: +15.32% HP / +17.07% TQ
  • Max Gains: +28.92% HP / +28.92% TQ
& Peak Gains on stage 2
  • Stage2 93 Oct. or 98 RON
  • Peak Gains: +23.53% HP / +20.93% TQ
  • Max Gains: +50.64% HP / +50.64% TQ
Do you own a Ford Raptor with the 3.5 V6 Ecoboost? No doubt We Can Help!

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