Half Price Rear Cosworth Brake Pads for June

Cosworth Streetmaster

Until the end of June, if you buy a set of Cosworth Streetmaster front brake pads, you will get the rear set at half price!

Offer is only valid while stocks last and ends 30th June 2012. See below for more information on the pads and available applications.

The StreetMaster range is a medium-hard sports pad suitable for heavy duty/fast road usage, with European ECE R90 public road approval. The pads have a strong effect up to 650°C.

StreetMaster-BoxWhy Choose StreetMaster Pads?

  • Heat seared for reduced “bedding-in” time
  • Superior bite from cold
  • Exceptional stopping performance
  • Silent running technology
  • Fast debris clearance
  • Fade resistant
  • Premium grade friction material
  • Consistent and predictable braking patterns

Cosworth’s brake pads range offer exceptional performance with no compromise.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, Cosworth brake pads feature a 1.5mm granulated interlayer which not only serves to act as a shock absorber, helping to reduce stress on the rotor surface but triples bonding strength so diminishing edge lifting.

To reduce the “bedding-in” or “seating-in” time – this is the time it takes for the pad and disc to adapt to each other – all Cosworth brake pads are heat seared. This process heats the friction material to in excess of 600°C , “toasting” the surface, greatly enhancing the performance the first time that the driver applies the brakes. Scorching pads also signifi cantly reduces initial fading – fading increases the necessary force and pressure required to maintain the deceleration of the vehicle.

Key Pad Features

  • ECE R90 approval
  • Superior bite – 0.5 Mu friction coefficient – virtually from first pedal
  • Strong brake effect up to 650°C
  • Chamfered edge – avoid lifting
  • Fitted with premium quality shim hardware – silent braking
  • Durability factor 6.5 with rotor minimal rotor abrasion
  • Produces consistent, predictable braking performance


You can purchase Streetmaster Brake Pads on our PartBox online shop.

Streetmaster Applications

Note: Half price rear set of pads must match the front application. Prices shown exclude VAT and shipping. Normal trade discounts apply. Offer ends 30th June 2012. Offer valid while stocks last.


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