High Performance Conrods

ConrodThe Xtreme Duty “I-beam” connecting rod features a unique design that reduces beam stress and delivers the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any connecting rod currently available.

These rods also incorporate 3/8″ ARP 2000 Bolts for extra security to take the stresses of high RPM/Long stroke engines.

For Extra high RPM and endurance we have available 3/8″ ARP 3.5 Xtreme duty bolts if required as a direct replacement.

These connecting rods are precision-machined using only premium mill certified aircraft quality E4340 chrome alloy billets, heat treated to produce 100% martensite grain structure. Continual inspection, statistical process control and batch sampling assures the finest connecting rods available.

Q. Why have we chosen an “I-beam” connecting rod instead of a “H-Beam” design?

A. Our supplier who is involved in aerospace material processing and machining have proven through engineering and the use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) that “I-beam” is a superior design and carries loads produced by racing engines better than the popular “H-Beam” design.

Don’t be scared to ask the price, you will be surprised!!


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