HKS Bring New Toyota GR Supra To Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2019

This weekend some of the staff here at Co-ordSport had the chance to visit this years Festival Of Speed at Goodwood, with the announcement of GR Supra sales in the Japanese market HKS teamed up with Toyota and made a race car based on the new Supra especially for the Festival Of Speed.

History of HKS and Supra starts back in 1983 when HKS used the then named Celica XX to created the HKS M300 – the first Japanese made car to reach 300km/h. Later in 1991 another project took off, Drag 70 Supra project used the A70 model as a base and was a record setting machine that got into the 7-second region on a quarter mile. Next was A80, a project car named HKS T-001 was built to set another batch of speed records on the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan and proved valuable engineering feedback.

HKS has already supported two of the top drift drivers, Daigo Saito and Kawabats Masato with GR Supra performance parts at the Japanese Drift Competition D1 Grand Prix.

As HKS’s biggest dealer in Europe we were thrilled to see this car show off its power as the BMW sourced 3.0-litre engine has been replaced the iconic engine from the MK 4 Supra.

The car itself is currently putting out around 690bhp and 651lb ft of torque, thanks to a 3.4-litre capacity upgrade kit and GTIII-4R turbo – although Taniguchi says that the engine is still far away from its limits. Crikey.

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