HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt for Impreza/EJ20/EJ25

24999-AF001New from Japanese tuning experts, HKS is the Fine Tune Timing Belt for Subaru EJ20/EJ25 Engines.

Compared to the stock belt, the HKS belt offers:

  • 4x greater heat resistance.
  • 3x greater rib load strength.
  • 4.5x greater rib longevity.
  • 4x greater shear resistance.

This performance timing belt features a new design to allow the belt teeth to fit fully into the cam gears and features high saturation H-NBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) for added strength.

HKS have developed the belt to an optimised specification to suit the Subaru boxer engine, which has a very long belt and is designed to be used with the stock EJ engine belt tensioner. The timing belt has been developed with valve timing during thermal expansion of the block and head in mind, ensuring correct belt tension at all times.


This belt will not strech and warp as much as a stock belt. Making sure your vehicle has the correct timing. The HKS timing belt will not break as easily as a stock belt, providing piece of mind considering that if the belt breaks your pistons will be thrown into your valves, causing significant damage to the engine.


Co-ordSport are taking pre-orders of these belts (part number 24999-AF001) today with a retail price of £145+VAT.


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