HKS Toyota FT86/GT86/Subaru BRZ Parts Arriving Soon

HKS Toyota GT86

2012 sees the release of two new exciting new sports cars that share the same platform; the Toyota FT86/GT86 and Subaru BRZ.
Reviews from around the world have praised this lightweight, front engine, rear wheel drive sports car for bringing back the simple joy of driving.

Renowned Japanese tuning experts HKS, have looked to further this enjoyment of driving by developing products for this car which enhance performance.
Research and development is taking place on the HKS D1 86 which will enter the D1GP professional drift championship in Japan this year.

Here is the lowdown on the new parts, which are expected to arrive in the UK and European market in the next 4-6 weeks. We would recommend customers to reserve parts to avoid disappointment as HKS are anticipating that the initial demand for the parts will be high.

Legamax Premium Exhaust

HKS Legamax Premium GT86With an improved appearance and superior performance, the φ124 large diameter slotted tail design eliminates the lower exhaust resonance.

The stock exhaust pipe creates too much back pressure. The Legamax system is more free flowing, giving the car a more free way to breathe.

An emphasis on driver comfort has been achieved by reducing the uncomfortable sound inside the vehicle cabin, while maintaining an exciting exhaust sound at high speed.

Available as a rear silencer or complete with centre pipe. More information available here.

32018-AT039: Legamax Premium Exhaust (rear silencer) £785+VAT

32018-AT040: Legamax Premium Exhaust (rear silencer with centre pipe) £995+VAT

Hi-Power Spec-L Exhaust

32016-AT022This lightweight sports muffler is ideal for those who are looking for a more aggressive appearance than the Legamax Premium.

Designed and developed with a lightweight concept; pipes, silencers and other parts have all been individually lightened to produce a muffler which is half the weight of the stock muffler.

“Bullet” style silencers have been used for aggressive appearance with carbon wrapping around the tail tip to express the lightweight concept of this muffler.

Back pressure has been reduced 60% over stock to allow for over 350ps tuning. Sound has been tuned to have a powerful sound at low speed whilst the silent chamber cuts the uncomfortable drone that can be heard in the cabin.

More details of the design and the new Spec-L exhaust specifications can be found here.

32016-AT022: HKS Hi-Power Spec-L Exhaust for GT86/BRZ £935+VAT

Hipermax Max IV GT Suspension

GT86 Hipermax SuspensionNew from HKS in 2012 is an all new line up of suspension. The Max IV series was built from the ground up under the concept of the “ultimate street damper”.

MAX IV the new damper from HKS returns to the core of tuning, the street. Featuring an advanced shock absorption system, the MAX IV captures the bumps on the road to give a supple yet stable ride. MAX IV aims for a high level balance of comfort with sporty handling.

HKS dampers also carry a competition beating 2 year 40,000km warranty.

Details of the MAX IV concept and Hipermax Max IV range can be found here.

The First of the Max IV range to be released is the MAX IV GT for 86/BRZ and you can read more information about the kit here.
80230-AT001: HKS Hipermax Suspension for GT86/BRZ £1,425+VAT

Super Hybrid Filter

HKS Super Hybrid FilterHKS Super Hybrid Filters are direct replacement panel filters designed to fit into the standard factory air box. Using a 3 layer dry filter, the super hybrid filter separates and catches dust particles within the air and optimises air flow direction through the filter.

The new 3 layer filter system catches larger dust particles with the first layer and smaller particles are filtered out by the 2nd polyurethane layer. This has allowed increased filter life over previous models. Improvements were also made to the way the layers are attached to each other allowing for improved air flow.

We have found that 70017-AT020 Panel filter is the correct fitment for Japanese specification FT86.
70017-AT020: HKS Super Hybrid Filter for GT86/BRZ £28.60+VAT

Spark Plugs

HKS 50003-M45HL Spark PlugsSpark plugs become a key factor in clean and complete combustion in any petrol engine. Clean and complete combustion is paramount in performance tuning as the power produced is directly related to the force of the combustion. HKS super fire iridium spark plugs give improved ignition performance, durability and anti-carbon build-up. The Ultimate spark plug for increasing performance of tuned or stock engines.

We have found that the FA20 engine used in the GT86/BRZ uses the HL range of spark plugs.
50003-M45HL: HKS Super Fire Spark Plug for GT86/BRZ £20.35+VAT each

Development is already underway by HKS for more products due for arrival later this year. Look out for intake kits, engine parts, supercharger kit, and much more.

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