HKS GTIII RS Turbocharger Kit for Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ

We all know that Toyota GT86 and its twin Subaru BRZ are last of their kind being affordable, rear wheel drive, lightweight coupes with not a lot of driving aids. We also know that they have “only” 200BHP when they leave the factory in Ōta, Gunma Prefecture in Japan. Don’t get me wrong, it is more than enough for daily driving and twisty back roads, but deep down you wish you had a little bit more power once you take it to the track.

That is exactly why HKS worked really hard to offer us their Supercharger kits to allow us bring the power up safely to round about 300 horse power.

Now HKS are working on something a little different for people who want to put the car into a beast mode. GTIII RS Turbocharger kit that bolts right onto your engine. This kit will truly transform your car and give it the kick some people want, and of course turbo noises! The kit on it’s own will produce safely 350BHP and is capable of a lot more power, however, if you wish to reach 450BHP you might need a little help from uprated fuel system and forged internals that you can also purchase from HKS.

Right, so what do we know about the kit?

It utilises the latest MHI centre cartridge for high efficiency as modern engine setups require high efficiency turbos with higher boost levels. New analysis and production methods allow for new billet impellor designs which generate high boost levels at low speeds without surging. Previously this was not possible with cast designs.

It’s got bespoke housings designed and machined by HKS. Internal flow losses in the exhaust scroll have been reduced for improved efficiency, matched with improved compressor diffuser design to increase the margin for surging. Housings are machined by HKS for high reliability and durability.

This kit also uses a super wide range Turbo. The combination of the best designed impeller and optimum housing can be felt when installed to the car. A wide efficiency range means matching range means matching the turbo to engine is now easier. Reduced surging offers more freedom to select optimum boost levels. GTIII turbos use lightweight impellers with optimised wastegate port design and valve sizing, actuator spring rate is select to each vehicle spec for optimum response.


Prices to be announced. Stay tuned!


You can purchase it here

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