HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter

New from HKS is a new concept oil filter which improves oil pressure drop and flow properties by approximately 30% compared to current sports oil filters. Large diameter “Super Intake Hole” and newly developed low resistance hybrid filter allows for low pressure loss. Engine response is improved by reducing the load on the engine.


Most sports oil filters are assumed to use high viscosity oil and therefore filter paper strength is prioritized whilst sacrificing absolute pressure loss properties. HKS Hybrid Sports Oil Filter has readdressed filter strength and overall structure to provide the oil flow that the engine requires and pursue HKS’ ideals in what is required from a sports oil filter.



In the interest of universal fitment, unit size has been standardizes at φ68x65mm. Fitment bolt sizes are M20-1.5P and 3/4-16 UNF. Filtration performance JIS standard is 25μ whereas HKS is 20μ making the Filter compatible with most standard engine requirements.

Filter Life

Under normal usage, it is recommended that the filter is changed every 10,000km or 6months. For Sports driving, the recommended distance is approximately 1/3 – 1/2 of the previously mentioned figure (as the engine revolutions are several times that of normal driving). However, to maintain optimum low pressure loss properties, it is recommended to change the filter every 3000km when an oil change is performed.

Please Note: You will need to view the specifications guide (PDF) (page 3 onwards) to verify which part number is compatible with your vehicle. Please specify this in the order notes when purchasing.

The HKS hybrid sports oil filter is available to buy from Co-ordSport with a retail price of £15.25+VAT, or alternatively buy online from our PartBox shop.

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