Following our build? Update on Swift Rally Car

Is it a coincidence the UK Government announces plans to lift restrictions that allow Motorsport to resume just as we have the Swift ready; or have they also been following our build?

The interior is complete except for the intercom system. The seats have been bolted in place. The Co-ordSport supplied TRS Harness complete the interior, they’re proof high quality parts can be both fashionable and functional. Behind the seats we’ve fitted the helmet net and fitted the spare wheel strap. This all came as a kit from TRS which made life a lot easier having all the parts we needed.

The Air intake system is complete with bonnet scoop. We’ve fitted polycarbonate windows to save as much weight as possible. The Weight saving has been extended to the Mudflaps. The Kaylan flaps are lighter than the PVC equivalent, again, every little helps! Finally, we’ve removed the fog lights and began to fit the required stickers needed for motorsport.

One part of the build we have been most impressed with was the underside guarding. Hopefully you’ll never see it in person! Co-ordSport supplied us with a Safety 21 manufactured kit directly from Japan. It turns out the JDM spec Swift is fitted with a smaller fuel tank, meaning the brackets required a little modification. The guarding itself is well manufactured. The sump guard kit was easy to install, the kit requires very little drilling to fit the brackets to the chassis. All that’s left is to fit the Guard itself once the cars been serviced. We would highly recommend one of these kits to anyone building a Swift!

Next on our list is to get the car MOT’d, then we can run the engine in and get the car mapped.
Matt Walk
Walk Motorsport

Watch this space for the finished article!

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