Jenvey Turbo Plenum

Jenveyturbo-plenumJenvey, specialists in motorsport fuel injection throttle bodies and induction systems, have developed the turbo plenum, which has been designed to help improve the performance of turbo and supercharged motorsport engines.

It has the advantage that it will fit most applications due to its modular design.

We expect to receive stock in the next few days, so get in touch and place your orders today.

turbo-plenum-2The symmetrical cover and diffuser pipe can be arranged in 4 different ways helping fitment issues.

The Plenum can be fitted onto 4 separate throttle bodies, a pair of TB bodies or the other option is to use a manifold and spacers with a single SFG throttle body for air control.

The plenum system consists of the following parts:

Backplate APSB1 £160+vat
Cover APSC1 £160+vat
Diffuser APSD1_60 £160+vat

Machining of the backplate with O ring seals is also available for an extra cost of £60+vat.

Jenvey are specialists in motorsport fuel injection throttle bodies and induction systems. All Jenvey products leave the factory ready to bolt on your engine and win races.

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