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About JR Filters

The only filters that will protect your engine against particles as small as 2.8 microns, giving 99% filtration. JR filters were founded in 1992 to develop and produce high technlogy air filters and are one of the few performance filter companies to.

JR Filters are produced using 4 layers of surgical cotton, which are held together by 2 layers of steel wire mesh. To prevent rust, they are galvanized and covered with plastic which gives double security.

With these filters fitted, power is increased and fuel consumption reduced.

JR Filters are TUV approved and come with a lifetime guarantee to the first owner.

The filters are washable, which means they are always reusable; no more changing and no need for disposal.


JR Airfilters : Their functions and advantages.

JR Airfilters are construted of four layers of chirurgical cotton and oil protection offering, filtering 99% of dust in the air, retaining the dust outside of the filter therfore serving as supplementary element. The more air that passes through the filters, the more power is increased and your fuel consumption is reduced. The filters are washable which means they are always reusable, no need to replace and no recycling. JR Filters offers a lifetime guarantee.

Catalogues and Price Lists

xls JR Filters Retail Price List – XLS

pdf JR Filters Retail Price List – PDF



Buy JR air filters online at our retail shop Part-Box.com

Official JR Filters Website



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