Julle Racing Kevin Back On The Bike After Injury At The Fritte Cup

The Fritte Cup final was not what Kevin had hoped for, he had trouble getting started, and therefore changed the setup on the bike for his 3rd heat.

It resulted in a small crash on his own, which unfortunately caused great pain in the hip. Kevin was fixated and driven to Esbjerg Hospital for CT scan.

Fortunately, it showed that there were no fractures and he could be released the next day. However, the Falck people have cut both safety gear and the suit to pieces.

Kevin has borrowed a suit from Jonas “Strawberry” Jeppesen for the rest of the season, and when all the agreements with you are in place, new logos can be made for a new suit to be ordered around 1/12.

Last Sunday Kevin was back on the bike at the annual club championships in Holsted, and here he raced to his second bronze medal of 500cc after two league riders.

The next race for Kevin is the 6/10 in German Meissen at the big tradition race Silberner Stahlschuh which is run for the 47th time which will also be the last race of the year.

Then the planning of 2020 starts, we are working on a deal with a German club and Kevin also has a contract with Holsted Tigers for 2020 as the only D rider right now.

We hope that everyone will support Julle Racing again in 2020 so we together can build on the good progress. We look forward to having the time to come around and visit you all in the near future.

Soren and Kevin



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