KAAZ Differentials – Lock Adjustment Instruction Sheet

KAAZ Limited Slip Differential – Lock Adjustment Instructions/Diagram. Softer settings on plated differentials (limited slip differentials)

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KAAZ make a great, well designed, engineered and well produced product. The differentials assembled by KAAZ in Japan are supplied ready for serious competition use. This usually means they have a fairly strong setting, meaning they react quickly and strongly when they reach the ex-factory pre-load – probably ideal for smooth, dry tarmac circuit use. For some drivers/conditions this is actually too strong, and they prefer a ‘softer’ setting.

Such a setting can be achieved in a few ways, but the general option is to reduce the mated friction surfaces. This can be done by re-arranging the order of the plates, as shown in the diagrams below. This is done in varying stages, according to the total number of plates in the differential. When the differential has plates either side, each side must be set the same – just 1 side is shown below. The original quantity of plates must be retained, along with the Belleville spring washer(s).

Kaaz LSD Lock Adjustment Instructions

Limited Slip Differentials need oils with LSD additives, otherwise they will stick and be noisy aggressive. KAAZ offer their own formulated 80W-90 GL-5 gear oil, which comes in convenient 2L cans and hasx excellect LSD additives. Even with the LSD additives, some differentials may still grip in certain tight conditions, like reversind/parking – this may emit some clicking/knocking noises which some people don’t like, especially in road cars. This can be eliminated by ordering your differential with plates which have WPC treatment/Finish/Coating (SuperQ) – http://www.wpctreatment.com/about.htm
Some of those WPC diffs are stocked by Part-Box.com, others are to order. Similarly, diffs can be rebuilt/overhauled using regular or WPC treated LSD plates, all of which can be supplied via Part-Box.com, part of the Co-ordSport International Group of Motorsports Partner Companies.

If you would like any more information, then please get in contact with us – thanks.


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