Kevin is on the mend…

We are happy to report the news supplied by our Danish customers at Julle Racing, please read and check out the videos below

Hello my faithful sponsor …!!

Now Taylor” as we have Named our new Racecar, has been on rolling road and was aligned so that it has the torque and HP. it can deliver as it is set up right now.
We can get more power out of it, but it takes several rpm more and the oil pump cannot keep up with that, it will require dry lubrication which now stands on the wish list ..

However, we are very satisfied with the result, as this season will go with testing and adjustment of the car, the chassis, as well as getting used to the new sequential gearbox.

Kevin is well underway again after his severe injury, there has been trained in Esbjerg, Holsted, and for three days in Germany on a small training session last weekend

I am attaching a small video from the Rolling road as well as photo and video of the workout in Germany

There are sporting calendar on the website but we start with DM 1 in Holsted on 19/4 and DM 1 in Løvel the 16/5…..Hope to see some of you there …


1 Korskroen 2014

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