King Engine Bearings Introduces New GPC and XPC applications for BMW and Toyota

KING of bearings!

After 60 years of experience. King Racing bearings aim to supply the highest quality bearings available in the marketplace.

One of the reasons for King’s success is because everything is done under the same roof, from the concept to the final products. Along with their strict quality controls.

They are paying a huge amount of attention to details; the products are going through multiple quality checks to make sure the result is perfect.

Safe to say racing industry’s first and best choice is KING Race when it comes to engine bearings.

Now the innovative engine bearings manufacturer is announcing they will soon offer new Race level bearings for a range of BMW engines and the new Toyota Supra.


Technical details:

The new GPC suffix bearings are Silver Based with a tri-metal build and come with polymer coating for superior performance under pressure, of up to 17,000 PSI. The GPC polymer coating helps to protect the bearings in case of oil starvation, metal-to-metal contact and has a Lead-free composite, a more environmentally friendly solution.

New GPC bearings for BMW engines are:


The updated Supra has gathered a big fan base and is already a popular choice for race enthusiasts. The new and fifth generation is a collaboration between Toyota and BMW, whereby BMW has contributed the engine unit, amongst other components.

King Engine Bearings has stepped up to provide the first market option for racing applications for the Supra and its BMW applications – the Z4, X4, X3 and others.

CR6887GPC is the product number for the connecting rod bearings.

Of course, on top of the Racing version, King Engine Bearings continues to offer its innovative aftermarket version for the Supra, the CR6887SV, which is also a silver based composite bearing.

The main bearings for the new Toyota Supra are MB7779MC (Polymer coated version) and MB7779SM.

Race bearings are also available in the top line pMaxKote™ version. This tri-metal version with polymer coating with no added thickness is the best choice to handle wear resistance and protection during periods of marginal lubrication, quite simply it is made to protect your engine build.

XPC bearings for BMW engines are:

For these new, yet to be released applications, call for prices and availability +44 121 661 6263

Check out all King Engine products HERE

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