Last of the Cusco Limited Slip Differentials..

As you may already know, we have been European distributors of Cusco for a number of years now. We have a wide range of customers all over the world and we always keep you up to date with the latest products and news.

Now, Cusco has released a list of discontinued mechanical, plated Limited Slip Differentials. Let’s see the below and find the right LSD for you.


  • M3 E30 – Part No. – LSD-BM2-E, E2, K15, K2, F, F2, L15, L2
  • Z4 – Part No. – LSD-BM3-A


  • Copen Robe LA400K – Part No. – LSD-776-A, B, B15, C, C15, F
  • Boon 4×4 M312S – Front LSD – Part No. – LSD-772-C, C15, F, H


  • Accord Euro R CL1 – Part No. – LSD-175-A, B, B15, C, C15, F
  • Prelude VTEC BB1 – Part No. – LSD-175-A, B, B15, C, C15, F
  • Civic EK3 – Part No. – LSD-316-A, B, B15, C, C15, F
  • Civic EF8 – Part No. – LSD-317-A, B, B15
  • Civic EG6 – Part No. – LSD-318-A, B, B15


  • FTO DE3A – Part No. – LSD-145-A, B, B15, C, C15, F
  • Lancer Evolution CP9A, CN9A – Front LSD – Part No. – LSD-147-BV1, BV115, CV1, CV115, D, FV1
  • Colt Z23A – Part No. – LSD-441-A, B, B15, C, C15, H
  • Delica CV5W – Part No. – LSD-872-C, C15, F, F2


  • Silvia S13 SR20DE – Part no. – LSD-135-E, E2, K15, K2, F, F2, L15, L2
  • 300ZX Z32 – Part No. – LSD-166-E, E2, K15, K2, F, F2, L15, L2


  • Swift / Cultus AWD AF34S – Rear LSD – Part No. – LSD-123-A,F
  • Swift / Cultus GTI – AA34S – Front LSD – Part No. – LSD-610-A,F


  • Land Cruiser Prado – Front LSD – Part No. – LSD-804-F
  • MR2 SW20 – Part No. – LSD-153-E, E2, F, F2

Most Cusco Limited Slip Differentials above are available in 1 Way, 1.5 Way and 2 Way variants.

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Why a mechanical LSD is a necessity

Standard Open Differential

A standard open differential is a component that transfers the rotational energy (torque) produced by the engine to the wheels. As the vehicle is making its turn, the inside wheel tends to rotate slower than the outer wheel. If either wheel loses contact with the ground, and is in a ‘floating’ state, the vehicle will lose all its traction and will not accelerate forward.

(This open differential is only designed to provide smooth turning characteristics of the vehicle, thus made for the outside wheel to rotate more than the inter wheel when making a turn)

Open differential or weak LSD will spin the inside wheel only. If you try to accelerate more, inside wheel spins more and won’t make much forward movement.

Cusco LSD enables both wheels to spin equally. This will give you maximum traction and with stable and controllable movement.

The purpose of an LSD

Limited Slip Differential system eliminates the uneven power distribution which tends to apply more rotational drivetrain energy to the wheel that has less grip.

During aggressive driving (involving lots of turns), an LSD unit efficiently distributes the torque from the wheel with less grip to the wheel that has more grip, enabling more traction for the vehicle. It eliminates the difference in rotation between the left and right wheel during turning, with even amount of power being distributed to both wheels at the same time.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 1

During hard acceleration or drag launches, the LSD enables maximum traction.

Example 2

The Cusco LSD will still activate its locking system to 100% even when the car experiences wheel float. A standard torque sensing LSD is not sufficient during aggressive driving conditions. A mechanical unit is a must for any motorsports activity.

How does Cusco LSD work

There are many components inside the LSD casing, but the effectiveness of the unit (locking rate) depends on how much pressure is applied as well as the contact surface area of the clutch plates.

The locking rate can be altered by several ways. Changing the cam angle of the pressure ring effectively works to change pressure and reaction time of locking. Also changing the surface area of the clutch plates by its size or quantity to manage how much pressure is applied.

The difference between 1 Way, 1.5 Way and 2 Way

1 Way LSD

The LSD is effective when throttle load is applied to the differential and is not effective when load is not applied. In other words, 1 Way LSD only works during acceleration.

1.5 Way LSD
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2 Way LSD
Accordion Content

Choosing the right Cusco Limited Slip Differential

FWD Applications

RWD Applications

AWD Applications

Selecting between the Type RS, MZ or Hybrid

Initial Torque

The initial torque of an LSD unit is ideally measured at its static pressure resistance. It is possible to measure when the LSD unit is installed to a vehicle, however added variables that contribute to more resistance such as gears, bearings and oil seals may affect the final result. Another variable is the gear oil, which increases resistance depending on its temperature.

There are a lot of benefits from low initial torque setting: low power loss, low chattering noise, improved durability as clutch plates are lower pressured than Type MZ’s initial torque, and higher efficiency with smoother oil flow between plates.

The primary difference between Type RS and Type MZ and Hybrid units is the applied initial torque amount and the activation direction.

The Type MZ  LSD is designed where the activation pressure opposes the direction of the initial torque with the utilisation of a cone spring. The LSD operation first becomes engaged when the opposing pressures start working against one another.

In the RS model, the activation pressure is applied to the same direction of the initial torque with the utilisation of a cone spring. Therefore, the initial torque is set lower than the MZ model which enables a smoother and quicker initial clutch plates engagements from a non operational to a fully functioning state even despite a low initial torque setting. The virtues of a low initial torque setting is that it enables a smooth turn even while the LSD mechanism is not activated. Because of the coil spring design, it provides overall gentle and stable operation.

The Hybrid type has the smallest initial torque of all due to larger diameter coil spring. The Hybrid LSD provides the least interference between with electronic traction control, vehicle stability control, and yaw inducing aids of many advanced modern vehicles. Hybrid LSD features very low mechanical noise and low wear compared to highly tuned race spec differentials. It is also very well suited for automatic VIP cruisers.

Now that we know the basics, our next blog will show you how to setup the LSD, should you need to. Stay tuned!

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