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Julle Racing have been contacted by the National Team

Kevin and the team have been invited to the U21 National Team meeting at Varde Motor Arena.

Swedish Elite Series Team Leader for Rospiggarna Peter Jansson, who wants to test Kevin in two races  in Vetlanda.

It didn’t take long to react to this Great Opportunity so  the car is already packed and ready for departure. 

 It should be possible to follow the races live on HallMedias and Mitt Media portals.

It has now been decided from the Danish Motor Union that the first round in the Danish 1st Div. has run on 20 / 6-2020. We were all excited about this as we know Kevin has been very much looking forward to this.

Seems like Kevin is 100% ready to go out and race again and we are a happy and proud sponsor of the Julle Racing team.

Time has been well spent with the team testing a lot of things, from new types of clutch to a smaller frame that fits me better.

It has given me much better starts and a more controlled style on the bike.

Some images since our last post..

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