The Turbosmart Sleeper series takes the tried and tested Motorsport & Performance Range of products and goes black on black! If you want something unique under your hood, want to keep a low profile for whatever reason or simply need some limited-edition cred, the Sleeper Series from Turbosmart is now available.

Turbosmart have taken the Award Winning GenV External Wastegate Range and turned #StealthModeON, with the Limited-Edition Sleeper Series. Available in all sizes from 38mm up to 60mm, there is a Sleeper Wastegate for your project! These have all the features and benefits of the Turbosmart’s class leading GenV External Wastegates including the most flow, most options and the most thermally advanced External Wastegate on the market, now with ‘Added black’ including actuator housing, collar and reference fittings.

The Turbosmart Sleeper Series also includes the GenV Raceport 50mm Blow Off Valve. The world’s highest flowing 50mm valve (Yes, the Winner and still undefeated World Champion!!) is now available for a limited time with black on black collar, body, and reference fittings to match your Sleeper Series External Wastegate, Fuel & Fuel Pressure Regulators.

The Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator range, including 1200HP and 2000HP variants are both available in the Sleeper Series as well to complete your ‘Murdered-Out’ Engine bay. The Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regular Range including the 1200 and 2000 for -6AN and -8AN Port Size Fuel systems and feature class leading 1:1 Fuel Pressure control & Fully Adjustable base pressure. Lets not forget they happen to perfectly match Turbosmart’s Range of Motorsport Fuel Filters!

The OPR40t from Turbosmart is a true Oil Pressure Regulator for your turbo oil supply & has also been treated to Sleeper series makeover, locking in a rock solid 40psi of turbo oil pressure supply for increased turbo reliability with no more oil feed, or return guess work.


Oil Pressure Regulator


TS-0801-1003  OPRt40 Oil Pressure Regulator – Sleeper 


Fuel Pressure Regulator


TS-0401-1114   FPR1200  -6AN – Sleeper


TS-0401-1115   FPR2000 – 8AN – Sleeper 




TS-0204-1135   BOV RacePort GenV Sleeper 


External Wastegates


TS-0551-1015   Gen-V WG38 Ultra-Gate38 14psi Sleeper 



TS-0552-1015   Gen-V WG40 Comp-Gate40 14psi Sleeper 


TS-0553-1015   Gen-V WG45 Hyper-Gate45 14psi Sleeper 


TS-0553-1615   Gen-V WG45 Hyper-Gate45 Lite 14psi Sleeper 


TS-0554-1015   Gen-V WG50 Pro-Gate50 14psi Sleeper


TS-0555-1015   Gen-V WG60 Power-Gate60 14psi Sleeper 

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