Lotus Sheds Seconds on Track Time

The Lotus Exige is by far one of the coolest looking supercars around. It has that futuristic, edgy architecture, that takes your breath away when you see one on the road. This customer, and race car aficionado knows, every second counts on the track. He knew that any part that would help his track time, was going to be found in the aftermarket world. He contacted one of VividRacing’s sales guys who set him up with APR Performance Lightweight Canards and a APR Performance Adjustable Wing. This is what he had to say about the improvements.

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“Car looks amazing ā€“ love all of the CF and it felt much more stable at the track. I put down my best time, 2 weeks ago, when I went for the first time this season, better by .8 seconds ā€“ which is considerable because Iā€™m pushing it a lot. Felt much more stable in fast sweeper corners like turn 10.”

The APR carbon fiber wing offers that stability by reducing lift and increasing downforce, in turn giving you extra traction during high speed cornering. The wing allows you to adjust it and choose your personal preference for car control. The APR Front Bumper Canards help increase front downforce at high speeds.

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