Mitsubishi Evo 7,8 and 9 Manifold

mm01-1jenveyJenvey, experts in motorsport fuel injection throttle bodies and induction systems, bring the new inlet manifold, which has been designed to get the ultimate power from the 4G63T range of Mitsubishi Evo engines.

Stock is expected in a few days, so get in touch today to place your orders.

mm01-2The manifold has an optional twin injector design and because of this it is ideal for high power engines that are running either individual throttle bodies or a large single body. By using twin injectors you can run 2 sets of smaller injectors which should help with off boost driveability as well as full power.

When used in conjunction with the Jenvey turbo plenum you will see excellent fuel mixing and an increase in power over the standard plenum. Jenvey have designed the whole system to fit in the same space envelope, as the original manifold so fitting should be stress free.

The manifold will be being tested in the next month by Owen Developments and AWD in the US who have one of the fastest evos at over 1000bhp and 8.40 sec quarter mile times. Check out Jenvey’s website for news.

The manifold will be priced at £220+vat.

A full kit with the Manifold, Plenum, fuel rails, airhorns and single SFG throttle body will retail at £1262+vat.

All Jenvey products leave the factory ready to bolt on your engine and win races.

For further information please contact

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