Check out the newest engine parts from HKS

Compression Kit:


The low compression type FA20 2.1L Capacity Upgrade Kit for high boost tuning.

Featuring newly developed high durable low compression pistons to take FA20

engine to the next level. Now available with Step2 billet I-beam conrods. The Step2 I-beam billet conrods was developed for the TRB-03 to deal with high output and high torque (approx. 700Nm) The buckling strength of the conrod is increased by approx. 30% when compared to conventional forged conrods.

Part Numbers:

21004-AT004 FA20 2.1L Low Comp Step2 Kit
23004-AT002 FA20 2.1L Step2 Conrods


• Forged material for improved durability
• Cavity is designed in the piston crown to optimise fuel atomization during injection
• 3D Piston crown design to optimise tumble flow• Pistons are recessed to match high lift HKS camshafts
• Wide compression ratio range depending on gasket specification
• Molybdenum coated pistons to reduce friction
• Designed to fit stock liners so boring/honing is not necessary

Connecting Rods

• High durability Step2 billet I-beam connecting rods
• Strength increased by approx. 30% when compared to conventional forged conrods
• Shot peening treatment to increase fatigue strength
• Optimised heat treatment for improved strength and toughness
• Designed for 2.1L kit. Crank pin diameter is48mm (stock pin 50mm)


• 90.0mm stroke
• Forged material
• Bespoke pin journal design


Fine Tune V-Belt


The Engine compartment dress-up part; “Fine Tune V Belt.” Latest technology protects vehicles’ conditions while improving engine compartment appearance.


Using the latest in-belt technology gives the following benefits:

Increased durability at high temperatures which can be found in the engine bay of tuned vehicles.
Increased performance in cold weather and condition.
Lightweight and good friction tolerance properties which means that excess tension is not required while anti-sound properties reduces belt squeal.
Colored nylon fabric used for good anti-color fading properties.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber was selected because of:

Better durability and performance in hotter or colder conditions with improved friction tolerance.
Much lighter than previous version of belt.

Short fiber mixture in rib rubber improves the performance over previous version.

Part Numbers:

24996-AK041 V Belt Mazda MX-5 ND5RC 1.5 & 2.0 A/C & alternator 
24996-AK042 V Belt Mazda MX-5 ND5RC 1.5L Water pump 
24996-AK043 V Belt Mazda MX-5 ND5RC 2.0L Water Pump 
24996-AK044 V Belt Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S Alternator 
24996-AK045 V Belt Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S A/C 
24996-AK046 V Belt Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Water pump, A/C & alternator
24996-AK047 V Belt Honda Civic FK7 Water pump, A/C & alternator


Performance Comparison with Stock Belt

Hight Temperature Durability Low Temperature Durability Abrasion Resistance Weight Noise
4 times greater 10 times greater 30% improved 17% lighter Less
Button bolts were installed to 24996-AK012 (5PK875) and 24996-AK013 (5PK885) during the test.


Hypermax Drag Suspension Kits

The return of HKS Drag Specification Dampers! Introducing the latest technologies to suit modern drag racing requirements.


The MAX IV SP Drag suspension is based on the advanced HIPERMAX SP range and experience and know how gained from the ever-popular MAX II Drag Suspension.

Parts such 300mm long spring, helper spring, etc. are selected for each vehicle model to

maintain sufficient stroke amount and traction.

The shock-body length adjustable type is chosen to widen the vehicle height setting range and stroke distribution.

This drag suspension guarantees its performance in drag racing!

Part Numbers:

80250-AN001D Hipermax Drag Nissan GT-R R35 
80250-AT002D Hipermax Drag Toyota Supra JZA80




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