RAYS are proud to announce 2 new items to the ECO DRIVE GEAR line-up, the 37ESPCORT (left) and AECROS (right). Both are forged 1-piece forged wheels utilising the newest technology in forging methods:

37espcort-prius RAYS ECO DRIVE AECROS on a Honda CR-Z

ECO drive GEAR from RAYS


The 37ESPCORT wheel is based the style on the current long seller TE37. This model has a lower weight and does not compete with the current sizes available:


The 37ESPCORT weighs from 5.5kg (16×6.5″) to 7.2kg (18×7.5″) per wheel and is available in a few different offsets (detailed specs).

The wheel has a retail price from £369.53 per wheel. The wheel is available in either Formula Silver or Earth Blue (no extra charge).

Prices: £369.53 (16×6.5″), £438.81 (17×7″), £500.40 (18×7.5″).


The design of the AECROS wheel was based on its aerodynamic properties. With actual wind tunnel tests, fuel mileage tests, and 3rd party testing going on, RAYS state “we are sure this model is the next generation in the ecology line of wheels… We believe that only we are available to offer such an item.”


The AECROS weighs around 7kg per wheel and is available in 17×7″ in few different offsets (detailed specs).

The wheel has a retail price of £377.22 per wheel. The Earth Blue Diamond Cut colour costs an additional £13 (exc. VAT) per wheel.

New Colour Addition

Along with the popular Formula Silver colour, RAYS have developed a new colour for these wheels; ‘Earth Blue’.

RAYS have explained the rationale behind this new colour: “we see many new hybrids using the blue tone colour on their signatures, and we see that this is a growing popularity to give these users a distinctive look“.

Earth Blue

Check out more on these wheels on the RAYS MSC website: AECROS, 37ESPCORT

Please contact us for all quotes and pricing/availability. All prices exclude VAT and delivery.

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