New Release: Turbosmart BOV Kompact EM Plumback- VR29 (Merc C63)- Recirc

The Turbosmart BOV Kompact EM Plumback Recirc for the Mercedes C63 series is designed to focus on quality materials, design and integration. The Kompact range at Turbosmart gives vehicles the high-performance edge in boost-handling capacity, reliability & response. With bullet-proof, billet construction, the Kompact series is a direct replacement & Upgrade for OEM parts.

Kompact EM Plumback Fits Mercedes C63

At Co-ordSport we are excited to release the Kompact EM Plumback that suits the Mercedes C63. The vehicle is based on the C class platform and features 469HP and 650Nm straight from Germany via a Twin Turbo 4.0 Litre Petrol V8 designed for the M.177. The M.177 features a Hot Vee configuration, meaning the turbochargers are in the centre valley of the V8 rather than by the side of the engine. The hot vee configuration is becoming more popular for its compact packaging and efficiency. However, modifications are more complex!

Kompact EM Series Award Winning Technology

The Kompact EM series was awarded the SEMA Performance-Street New Product Award in 2018 in the USA and was then backed up by the Australian Industry group AAAA early in 2019 when it was awarded the Product Innovation Award in recognition of the Industry leading OE Plus style solution.

The Kompact EM Valve Series from Turbosmart takes the motorsport proven billet valve technology and adds an onboard proprietary solenoid system and internal pressure control channels for a simple plug & play valve with full OE integration and control. There are no reference hoses, no separate solenoids and no fiddly bits – Just bolt-on and plugin!

This overcomes the common faults associated with plastic factory valves through our Boost-Balance Valve Design (The more boost you have, the better it seals), Positive Seal O-Ring on the Piston’s face and Billet Construction. No matter your application, the Kompact EM Series will hold more boost and be more responsive in any environment.


  • Boost-Balance Valve Technology
  • Patented integrated pressure control
  • True plug and play upgrade
  • Integrated proprietary high-temperature solenoid valve
  • Billet construction with high temperature o-rings
  • Fitment Available in Plumback or Dual Port options

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Turbosmart BOV Kompact EM PlumBack – VR29 (Merc C63)

SKU:  TS-0223-1255 Note: If you require a blow off version use SKU: TS-0223-1055.

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