New Upgraded Goodridge Mild Steel Plated Fittings.

Goodridge Logo
Goodridge have announced a product improvement which will affect the mild steel brake line fittings that are part of their complete brake line kits, they have been working on this change for quite some time.

Goodridge’s existing Zinc pacifate gold plating that is used on their mild steel brake line components/fittings currently has a salt spray resistance of 95 hours.

The new Zinc nickel alloy plating that Goodridge will now be using on their mild steel brake line fittings going forward has a salt spray resistance of over 960 hours and has a slight change in appearance, you can see this in the image below, it goes from a dull gold appearance to a dull stainless steel appearance. From Goodridge’s own salt spray trials, in some cases, their new plating has better corrosion resistance than some other poor quality stainless steel fittings currently on the market.
There will be no cost increase because of this change in the plating specification as it is part of Goodridge’s ongoing product improvement/development plan.

Please note, to begin with only the fittings in the spreadsheet (found in the “download attachements” below) will be affected which are Goodridge’s high usage items, Goodridge will be upgrading all fittings going forward but until then any mild steel fittings that are not on the spreadsheet below will still come in the Zinc pacifate gold finish.

Goodridge are planning to introduce these fittings in to their production from 1st December 2015, this is a big improvement in quality.

If you have any questions about this change or want further information, please contact us.


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