Pagid Blue – 15 Years at the top !!

There are many racing brake compounds on the market today but how many of them have been a firm favourite with motorsport competitors over the past 15 years??

Not many.

Pagid RS4-2 (commonly referred to as Pagid Blue) is one of the few compounds that has stood the test of time. Developed by Dieter Goldbach as far back as 1986, RS4-2 has been continually improved over the years to take advantage of new raw materials and comply with changing legislation. Yet the product available today has remained true to its origins and is still seen as one of the most versatile compounds available, ideal for use across a wide range of cars and championships.

What is the secret? “It’s really all about superior modulation and feel” comments Paul Wilkinson, Technical Manager at the UK importer CBP. “Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a track day novice you want a braking set-up and brake friction that will transmit back to you what is happening at the wheels. Pagid Blue achieves this by combining an excellent blend of performance characteristics. Friction levels are high, but not excessive, and braking performance is stable over a wide temperature range. It’s basically a very user-friendly material that performs well in many different environments from Formula 3, to gravel rallying, to track day favourites like Elises and Caterhams.”
One other aspect that can often be overlooked is disc wear. Pagid RS4-2 does its job – but not at the expense of the brake discs! Many of our users report significantly longer disc life after switching to Pagid Blue from alternative brands of performance friction and so the overall cost of brake pads / discs is reduced.

Pagid RS4-2 is available in over 100 different pad shapes covering the popular racing calipers and many high performance road car applications.

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