Part-Box Rally Swift build – latest news

Swift Rally Project  update- November 2020

The Swift is back from Custom Cages and we were impressed with the cage they had designed, created and installed. We wasted no time in getting the car back and got cracking as soon as we could. Whilst the cage was being installed, Part-Box has supplied us with everything we need to equip the car as a rally car, so there was no waiting around while we waited for parts, let the work commence!

Our first task was to replace the seat rails with new FIA spec parts. This proved time consuming as the previous ones had been very will fitted. Naturally, this job consisted of test fitting, modifying and refitting until they were perfect. With the seat rails done we turned our attention to under the bonnet.

As the car already comes with an impressive spec sheet, all that is needed is fitting the fire extinguisher system and bonnet pins to make the car rally ready. Part-Box have also supplied us with a plenum air intake which will be more suitable for rallying.

We have to take the car back to have some adjustments to the roll cage (being the first of its kind this was to be expected) which will slow our progress down slightly. When the car comes back, we will be on the home stretch as the most difficult and time-consuming parts are done.

Cusco has supplied aluminium under-guards, so the engine, transmission, floor and fuel tank will be well protected.

We’re confident the Swift will be ready for a test session early in the New Year and we can’t wait. Meanwhile, my partner gave birth recently, so I’m busier than ever! Another Team member to

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