Part-Box sponsored Julle Racing start the 2018 season in good form

The Rallycross car has got a complete overhaul and service of the suspension & gearbox, and is now ready for the first test.

The plan is for Soren Pedersen to run a Race in the German championship, the Northern European Championship NEZ, and the Finale in the Danish Championship on the 28/29-sep on the Korskro home track.

Meanwhile, young Kevin Pederesen has been performing superbly in the process of his new 500cc career; he has driven a race in the Danish Teams Championship where he made 1-3-2-2 points in his 4 heats. The next day he drove Kurt B√łgh’s race in Holsted where he met both League and 1st Division drivers, and here it became 2-0-2-0-0 points on the 5 heats.

This week he will train with Jesper B. the former U21 World champion in Holsted, training in Vojens and followed by a race on Monday in Herning. Then further training in Fjelsted Wednesday, followed by a 2nd div. race in Fjelsted Saturday and Fritter Cup Semifinal in Vojens on Sunday.


The Team is at full speed right now and we wish them the best of success.

You can follow their progress on Facebook or on their website.

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