PFC Brake Pad Compounds!

pfc 13 Compound High bite—high friction. 13 compound has been developed with increased bite, modulation, with superior disc conditioning and release characteristics for exceptional control. Ultra-smooth and great for tracks with high grip or high downforce cars. It is the ultimate combination of high bite and infinite control. 13’s wear is on a par with PFC’s legendary 01 compound and will operate at higher temperatures if called to as 13 has a very high threshold for fade resistance. Out of all the high bite, high torque pads in the market 13 has shown to have one of the lowest taper wear, when ran in a full race engineered caliper. Typical applications: Rally, GT, sprint/medium distance 11 Compound (01 compound remains in some pad shapes) New generation sprint and medium distance friction providing the ultimate in control, with superior disc conditioning. 11 compound was developed from 01 compound with improved bite, modulation, and release characteristics. It is ultra-smooth and developed to reduce wheel locking at the end of a stop. For many applications, 11 will replace the venerable 01 compound. Typical applications: GT, sprint/medium distance, track day 08 compound Has gained immediate favour in Endurance Sports car and GT racing and in endurance production car racing due to its performance in applications where smooth initial bite is a must. 08 has a slight friction rise with temperature with excellent release and modulation characteristics. Very low abraded disc wear with a fine grey slate like disc finish, similar to 01. Despite its considerable performance, 08 wears the longest of all PFC pads and easily matches wear of the other competitors with much higher bite. If temperature isn’t an issue, 08 can be replaced with 12 compound. Typical applications: Endurance, GT and endurance production car racing, track day 12 Compound Excellent bite with 24 hour durability in its DNA and superior disc conditioning. 12 compound was developed from 08 Compound with improved wear, modulation, and release characteristics. It provides the ultimate in low wear. The PFC 12 Compound won in its debut race the 2013 Daytona 24hr overall winner. 12 compound wear is lower than 08 when high temperatures is not an issue. Typical applications: Ideal use for endurance when low wear is at a premium. Also, race applications where ABS systems are used. 12’s wear is at its optimum when disc temperature paints show 450-500°C operating temperatures but will operate at higher temperatures if called too. Virtually zero taper wear when ran in a full race engineered caliper. 14 Compound Lower friction and slightly less bite than the majority of PFC Race compounds. 14 compound provides high thermal stability and consistency. Typical applications: Suitable for low grip applications and surfaces with treaded or street tyres. Z-Rated (.10 or .11) This compound has been developed for fast road / track day applications. It provides more stopping power and increased fade resistance over the standard OE materials but retains the good qualities of the road pad i.e., low dusting and noise along with low wear rate. Typical applications: This compound can be used in OE calipers or aftermarket brake kits in applications were an increase in performance is required over the standard OE friction material.

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