Possible UPS Freight Delays In Continental Europe

Dear Customer,

See below regarding the current situation of border closures:

  • Due to measures taken by the French government to temporarily close its border with the UK, shipments between the UK and continental Europe may face severe delays as freight traffic between the UK and France is completely halted.
  • Shipments currently in transit in the UPS network already sent via the¬†Transborder Standard services are being held at UPS facilities pending further clarification of restrictions on freight transport.
  • Packages that have already arrived in the UK and continental Europe will be delivered as usual.
  • Please note that the UPS¬†Express and Express Saver services are currently not impacted by these measures (as they are shipped by plane) therefore we would advise that should you have any urgent time-critical shipments to select these shipping methods at checkout.
  • We are continuing to closely monitor the situation and will keep you updated.
  • Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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