Powerflex – Porsche Bolt-On Jack Pad

This week at Powerflex they are adding the popular Jack Pad workshop tools to help lift your Porsche safely and securely.

Made with a unique bolt-on feature, these Jacks Pads can be held in position during maintenance or remains fitted to the vehicle for practicality and rapid access that offers peace of mind that the vehicle lift points will always be used!

The PF57-561K Bolt-On Jack Pad Adaptor Kit is a kit of four anodised CNC-machined 6082-grade aluminum Jack Pads with a 95A durometer anti-slip base that fits into the four underbody lifting points on most modern Porsche vehicles including the classic 911.

These are designed to help lift stability and location whilst this protects the underside of your vehicle from damage.

To fit, locate the Jack Pad into the elongated factory lifting point, turn through 90 degrees and lock down securely using the plated Allen bolt with a standard 5mm Allen key. It’s as simple as that!

The Jack Pads can be used with a standard trolley jack with 80mm saddle or workshop scissor-jack lifting products for those who need the vehicle to be lifted for a long period and more involves projects.

These new Jack Pads sits alongside our expanding range of vehicle-specific and universal Jack Pads and complement our full range of polyurethane suspension bushes and suspension arms for Porsche 911’s.

To download HD images of our new parts for Powerflex, please click here.

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