Co-ordSport sponsor MR2 Championship…

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In conjunction with Whiteline U.K and Australia, we are pleased to be a Series sponsor of the 2013 MR2 Championship, and as such we are supplying all competitors with adjustable Whiteline Camber bolts. These will allow fine tuning of the chassis alignment, resulting in a more confident feel from the MR2.

MK2 (front & rear) KCA415

The KCA15 offers the biggest adjustment range up to +/- 1.75 deg. Unlike other “friction” lock designs we use a positive toothed lock washer which mean NO SLIP. Simple to adjust & lock time after time with out slipping.



MK3 (front KCA412 / rear KCA415)


 As well as Whiteline, we have a massive range of products from a huge number of brands, including RAYS WheelsCusco, HKS, KAAZ, Kelford , Exedy, Deatschwerks and many more……

 All available to view and buy online at PartBox.

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