Suzuki Swift Group-R Concept at PMW 2009

Professional MotorSport World Expo 2009Co-ordSport International Ltd. (President: Peter Collinson) will launch a SUZUKI Swift Group-R Concept, with a car and parts on display at the 2009 Professional MotorSport World Expo, held in Cologne, Germany.

The Suzuki Swift Group-R Concept CarSUZUKI Swift Group-R Concept is a Motor Sport base car which is being developed, taking advantage of the experience which Co-ordSport has cultivated in Motor Sport activities during the past 20 years. “The main target is to produce a vehicle with which all drivers, newcomers through to veterans, can enjoy Motor Sport broadly – in different forms, in all areas of the world.

SUZUKI Swift Group-R Concept is the vehicle in which any driver will easily “Step Up” from R1, R2, to R3, whilst improving their driving skill. For the specification of each class please see separate attachment data.

The Swift Sport is a superb base car, being already durable, with good performance and great handling. However, these strong points can be further enhanced with various Competition parts being produced, following development, to allow the maximum performance to be extracted, along with high levels of strength & stability, without undue stress. (See parts list below). Following these initial parts for the current Swift Sport model, further developments will be carried out.

The display at PMW showcases that Co-ordSport can manage the development and distribution of special parts for any category of motorsports for any manufacturer.


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Suzuki Swift Group-R Concept Car Suzuki Swift Group-R Concept Car Suzuki Swift Group-R Concept Car

Downloadable Documents

 Press Release

 Technical Specification

 Parts List Overview

The documents are in PDF format. You will need a reader such as Adobe Reader to view the documents.

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