Swift progress – rally project

February 2021 Swift Update during lockdown

With Motorsport currently on hold it has given us a chance to make some progress with the Part-Box Swift rally project. The end is firmly in sight now, with our pile of bits getting smaller every week.

We’ve finished off our switch panel, the horn push and ESP button are now easily accessible, along with the cut off switch and pull cable for the fire extinguisher. We covered it in carbon fire wrap which finishes it off nicely. We’ve also fabricated and fitted the panel for the external cut off and extinguisher pull, so the scuttle panel can be refitted.

We’ve welded in the floor mounted fixings for the harnesses and sorted out the wiring, so the bulk of the interior work is now done. The car came with a pair of Carbon Mitsubishi floor plates. It was a no brainer to refit those! Finally, we have hit a big milestone in building any car, fitting the seats! Co-ordSport have supplied us with a pair of Sabelt seats which we can’t wait to test out.

Under the bonnet we’ve mounted the airhorn and compressor. We’ve also relocated the brake and clutch reservoir along with the coolant bottle and catch can. The Co-ordSport supplied Piper Cross intake plenum has been fitted and the intake system has been connected. We’ve taken the decision to convert the car to studs, allowing us to be able to change a wheel much faster than using the standard bolts. Finally, we’ve fitted the rear mud flaps.

Next on the list is to fit the bonnet scoop, the polycarbonate windows and make the door cards. We can also fit the harnesses and the spare wheel tie down. Our plan is to give the car its competitive debut on the CompBrake Stages at Three Sisters in May.

Matt Walk
Walk Motorsport

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