The New Motor sport Wheel

Rudi Stohl TH3 WheelCompomotive have just launched the latest evolution to their already impressive range of motor sport wheels. The ‘TH3’ as it is called, is currently available in 15″ diameter, with 17″ options being available by the end of 2002.

It is aimed at the increasingly popular rally market and, with this in mind, is being given its debut at the rally safari 2002 on the leading Group ‘N’ Production Cup competitors cars.

The ‘TH3’ range is not only a gravel rally product, but also benefits from all the features that have made Compomotive the leading UK motor sport wheel manufacturer for the last three decades. This wheel is just as at home on the track as it is on the rally stage due to its light weight, strength, durabilit and self-ventilating design.

All the motor sport wheels in the Compomotive range are produced from a primary specification alloy that is then treated, age hardened and subjected to a multi-stage testing and inspection programme prior to despatch. Since 1998 all motor sport products made by Compomotive have benefited from ‘CTS’ technology. This greatly increases the strength of the inner rim section making their products world leaders in run flat reliability.

Compomotive can also offer new spare parts for their modular range of wheels from 13″ diameter through to 20″.

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