This Bush Fits 40+ V.A.G Vehicles!

V.A.G Car Bush Failure!

We all want an easy life, but sometimes, there is a little thing that gets in the way of a chilled afternoon in the workshop. As automotive enthusiasts, Polybush understands that in the case of V.A.G vehicles, The Front Lower Wishbone, Rear Bush is that pain!

The Polybush 44EX solves that constant failure point on over 40 V.A.G vehicles. Click HERE for the full list.

The Culprit!

The bushings 1-K0-407-183-P, 5Q0-407-183 constantly fails due to voided section ripping away from the metal inner. The photos above shows a vehicle with just 20k miles!

Failure of this nature is far too common and a main issue for owners and garages alike.

The Solution!

Polybush 44EX: The Ultimate Solution

Polybush 44EX is specifically designed to replace the OEM front wishbone rear bush (1K0-407-183-P, 5Q0-407-183) in over 40 Audi, Seat, Skoda & VW models. But what sets this apart?

Durability and Longevity: Removing the failing voids, the 44EX has expectational durability, where this lasts 4-5 times longer than rubber alternatives you can say goodbye to frequent replacements.

Enhanced Driving Comfort: As comfortable as OEM, Polybush 44EX absorbs vibrations, where this reduces road noise and provides a plush driving experience.

Driving Experience: This removes knocking, bangs, uneven tyre wear, and poor steering.

Improves Handling: Whilst addressing the issue of premature bush failure. Our customers will feel more in control as they navigate twists and turns with confidence.

View our Fitting Video

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