Time Attack Now Entries Now Open

Welcome to Time Attack 2019

We are delighted confirm that the Provisional Regulations and the Entry Application Form for this year’s seven-round, six-venue Time Attack Championship are now available and can be downloaded as pdfs here:

Provisional Championship Regulations 

Entry Form

Top 10 FAQs

Championship Brochure


If you are thinking of joining, then we suggest you register for Club Time Attack ASAP. It’s a requirement of entry and means that you’ll receive the latest news and bulletins first via our internal communication system, Basecamp.

Join Club Time Attack Here

Two new classes have been introduced for this season: GT3 & Sportscar and Club Sport. The Pocket Rocket Class has been split into two sub-classes: FI (forced induction) and NA (naturally aspirated).

Also new for this year is the innovative new Run What you Brung Category, which runs in separate sessions to that of Time Attack and welcomes all types of car running on any make of tyres (not slicks).


2019 Classes Line Up

Session 1:

Classic & Retro: Cars that are based on models 25+ years old

Clubman: Road cares with limited mo


Clubman+: Performance road cars with limited modifications

Pocket Rocket FI: Pocket Rocket FI: Smaller,

modified cars with an engine capacity of up to 1600cc with forced induction

Pocket Rocket NA: Smaller, modified cars with an engine capacity of up to 2240cc naturally aspirated

Club Sport: Lightweight and track-inspired vehicles

Session 2:

Club 2WD: Modified front and rear-wheel-drive cars

Club 4WD: Modified four-wheel-drive cars

Session 3:

GT3 & Sportscars: All classes of GT cars, homologated and non-homologated (slicks)

Club Pro 2WD: Highly modified front and rear-wheel-drive cars

Club Pro 4WD: Highly modified four-wheel-drive cars

Pro 2WD: Highly modified front and rear-wheel-drive cars (slicks)

Pro 4WD: Highly modified four-wheel-drive cars (slicks)

Pro Extreme 2WD: Extremely modified front or rear-wheel-drive cars (slicks)

Pro Extreme 4WD: Extremely modified four-wheel-drive cars (slicks)

Please note that classes may be amended or amalgamated between now and the start of the season, dependent on the number of entries. Further details regarding technical specifications and eligibility can be found in the championship regulations.

What better way to kick the season off than the pre-season test and practice day at Cadwell Park on Tuesday 19th March. For competitors who have registered for the season or for a single round and paid their entry fee by that date, the day will be free-of-charge. For those who are thinking about joining the championship and would like to find out more, they are also welcome to join, subject to a £120 fee.

Whilst track day rules apply, the day will comprise timed sessions for drivers who hold a Motorsport UK race licence and un-timed sessions for those without. Either way, there will be plenty of circuit time on offer for everyone.




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