U21 World Cup, Contracts And More From Our Danish Star

An Update From Our Young Star

Hi all Sponsors…

A new month has passed, and a lot have happened.
After my victory in Daugavpils and participation in the first U21 World Cup in Prague, there have really been many inquiries about races and new contracts.

I have been loaned out from Poznan to Daugavpils in the Polish 2nd league and I have been loaned out from Vargarna in Allsvensken to Rospiggarna in the best Swedish league Bauhaus league.
I have done two races for Daugavpils with 8 points and 5 points and this weekend I must do my 3rd race away in Rzeszów, who is exactly right with us in the overall standings.

It is nice to have got off to a good start in Poland, where the goal is a permanent place on the team and to reach the playoffs with Lokomotive Daugavpils. 

I also made my debut for Rospiggarna against the top team in the Bauhaus league Västevik, where I made 2 paid points in 3 heats.

Here the goal is to learn a lot of the skilled and experienced riders on the team and fight against some of the best riders in the world. Last week, my Danish team Grindsted league got a very important away win in Brovst, where we proved that we can also win away in 2022. I can feel that it is a challenge to have become a C-rider, but I am working hard to improve my races in Denmark.

Otherwise, we are in the process of preparing for our trip to the World Cup in Cardiff on 12-15 / 8, where I am very much looking forward to meeting my faithful English Sponsor Peter Collinson from Co-ordsport / Part-Box who has supported me since 2012. ( 10 years )

I am attaching some photos where I am especially proud to show off my new National Team uniform… ?

Med venlig hilsen/Best Regards


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