Call it Easter or Self-isolation SALE..  it is a HOT one

We are all socially distancing ourselves from one another these days, means we are all spending more time at home. Most are looking at ways to kill the time but why don’t we make the most of it instead?

Some would  finally complete those jobs around the house, growing vegetable in the garden, learning a new language, taking an online course, spring cleaning etc.….. BORING!

We know you want to give some love to your car instead 🙂  (backed by government data) is Activating More Grip to your daily, track and/or show vehicle with WHITELINE performance suspension and chassis components. This lack of grip activation is why We are announcing one of our favorites brands’ WHITELINE’s global GRIP-STIMULUS sale!

Whether it’s a simple DIY upgrade or those final products to complete your build, don’t miss these great sale prices!

GRIP-STIMULUS SALE PERIOD Starts  TODAY at 12:00AM Thursday April 9th Ends 11.59PM Wednesday April 15th

IMPORTANT SALE DETAILS • we shall be passing on an additional 10% discount on your net price for purchases made by our customers between April 9th to Friday 17th of April. •

Check out the details here

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