Whiteline Supporting Flying Scotsman At WTA

Whiteline Supporting Flying Scotsman Andy Forrest At World Time Attack


Whiteline are proud to announce its support of Andy Forrest and his globally recognised Subaru set to take on the world at the upcoming World Time Attack event at Sydney Motorport Park in October.

Images Courtesy of Flat Out Motorsport Photography


Having dominated the UK Super Lap and Sprint scene in recent years  the car started life as a standard WRX Type RA and modifications came about after a small bet with his partner that he could transform a standard car to a 9 second car in 30 days.  He met that target completing a 9.9sec second drag run within the month.
The car has since ran a 7.74sec at 179mph at Santa Pod Drag Strip in England and also set a lap record at Knockhill Circuit of 49.6sec which is the fastest ever lap in a saloon car and this one is still road legal.
Andy won the MLR/22B Sprint Series in 2013 and set FTD in the Whiteline Sprint Series at the first two rounds in 2015.  The multi discipline capabilities of this car are demonstrated by winning the last three years of Ten of the Best.  At this event cars must complete a handling circuit, a 1/4 mile drag race and a top speed over 1km all in the same trim with the speed over the standing start hitting a staggering 210mph (337kph).


So what makes this car so dominant?
The car is fitted with a modified Subaru SVX 6 cylinder engine (drops right in on the standard mounts).  Internals are all uprated to run 40psi boost at 9000rpm at which the car produces over 1000Bhp.  It runs a 6speed Modena sequential with paddle shifts.
The Impreza runs 2 x Blouch GT35R billet turbos, 12 x Asnu 1300cc injectors and also have 300Bhp Nos kit available to use as and when required. 
Suspension comprises of KW Competition 3-way suspension and a full range of  Whiteline front and rear adjustable sway bars, droplinks, anti-lift caster kit, roll centre kit, steering rack and chassis control bushes.

“Whiteline UK plays a big role in the chassis set up for the car and this has been a major contributor on my success around the UK. Im really happy they could make this opportunity real at World Time Attack and im looking forward to continuing my succesful run with this car” states Andy.


So how does he rate his chances at World Time Attack?

“Our major challenge for this year has been the short notice that we have had to compete in WTAC.  None of our circuits in the UK have such a high speed corner as turn one at Sydney Motorsport Track, so the aerodynamic modifications and suspension modifications to suit this extra load have had to be carried out in a very short space of time, two weeks to be exact.  So short in fact, we have had zero chance to test our work”.
“As soon as the car is out of quarantine we look forward to getting set up at Whiteline HQ for a full evaluation and adjustment as required before hitting the track for testing”.


It’s fair to say Andy’s global fan base will be watching with anticipation to see how he goes against the world’s most superior time attack weapons. Stay tuned on the event via the Whiteline or Andy Forrest Facebook pages.






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