Winter Steel wheels now available through Co-ordSport

Winter Steel wheels now available through Co-ordSport

Are you prepared for winter?

We’re getting more and more requests for winter wheels and tyres, remember the winter tyres are not just for snow, they are beneficial all winter, especially when the temperatures drop below +7°C, when their higher rubber content offers much better grip than summer tyres. But they still struggle on ice – then you need studs, ideally!


Co-ordSport can supply KFZ steel wheels for use over the winter. With most vehicles applications covered, KFZ are the industry leaders in the supply of OEM steel wheels to the motoring industry. These wheels represent great value for money as well as peace of mind.

After the problems last year, we foresee a huge increase in demand for winter wheel and tyre packages. You can view the full range of KFZ steel wheels and prices on the downloadable price list (XLS, 148KB).

Order before Friday 30th September to save 15% on KFZ winter steel wheels…

We at Co-ordSport can also quote on cheap alloy wheels and winter tyres if preferred. Get in touch today for a quote.


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